Monday, August 08, 2005

Purse, Bucket Style

I made a purse...thats it on the crafting/crochet front!

How many of you Freecycle? I do!I have requested once but so far no givers but thats cool becuase I have given loads of stuff I wasn't sure what to do with. I really like the freecycle concept. Freecycle does have off shots too, they go by various names. I came across this place FreeForAll.

Okay, so I don't watch TV, but I still concider myself a entertainment junkie, sort of (not the Hollywood gossip kind, could care less whos doing what to who or any of that crap), music, movies, books, even video games. So when I ran across this site I had to bookmark it. I rarely listen to critics, no one is gonna tell me what I should like, you know? But this is purely for entertainment in itself...Hilariously written reviews!
Go check them out Pajiba (pronounced like vagina).

Speaking of 'ginas....LOL, scared ya didn't I?


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