Saturday, August 06, 2005


I'm's scary man, scary.
I have been noticing for the past couple of weeks I'm changing. Not sure I'm welcoming the new me. I like the old me. Seriously! I noticed, I am wearing my moccosins more than my 4 inch heeled black boots (think K.I.S.S on a smaller scale). I am opting for gauzey tunics rather than tanks with saying like "Keep Music Evil". What's happening to me?
I've always thought I was earthy, but damn I am getting EARTHY. Pretty soon I'm gonna be mama a la Dharma's mom.
I still have a nose ring, my navel ring died last year, I vowed to replace it, I have yet to do that. My hair is all black rather than streaks of violet, vampire red and blue. Is it age? Or something else? SIGH! Am I having an idenity crisis? Well crap!
All this newness made me reflect to a time when I was a small human. I can recall wanting to be Morticia Addams, then when I saw Elvira, well hell yea, I need some Elvira essense, or so I thought. I never wanted to be Mrs. Brady or even later in the teen years, Molly Ringwald (although I did want to shave her head and stab her with a spoon repeatedly).
OMG, when I saw The Cure... and then Aimee Mann, hey and I can't forget who made me wanna do naughty things before I even knew what those were, Adam Ant, WOWZERS! I can remember oooo-ing and awwing over Greenday and Metallica before they became "sell outs". I even did my do like the chick from Thompson Twins. Seems I had a clash going on already, New Wave or Metal...hmmmmm
I remember sneaking Ozzy's tape "Bark At The Moon" and Motley Crue's "Shout At The Devil" And this is weird, I had a groovy kinda love for Don Williams. You know I don't seem to recall trying to find a label.... then why is it so uncomfortable , this new transition? Oh well! Where's a rolling the eyes smiley when ya need one. I guess I will just go with the flow..Even if now I'm listening to Lisa Thiel singing "Warrior Goddess" to get me going and chill out during the day. I still mix it up with my reggae and alternative and punk. Guess the new me ain't so bad. Hey, I wonder if I can get a new sleeker model of me? And do they finance?
And the gratuitous crochet mention: I made something again. Look or not, no worries.


Blogger Lynlee said...

People change... It is the only constant in life.

And you know who Lisa Thiel is so you're still on the cool list. *wink*

3:20 PM  
Blogger Sara said...

I've discovered that the only way to define myself is to say "I am whoever I am at any given moment."

12:13 PM  

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