Thursday, August 04, 2005

Ummmm, well, interesting....

So I was surfing the www for some adult crochet patterns, yes I giggled as I typed it in because I just knew there would be the ever so popular crocheted crotch or phallus....well I didn't see that but I saw several of what I was looking for adult size hats etc...The reason for googling the wording "adult crochet" rather than free crochet patterns was because I wanted to see what other sites popped up , I kept getting the same ones! And I did find sites I never have seen before. None perv-ed out. But I noticed that there were several ads on the side bar for XXX stuff...
Well flashing back to middle school and recalling thumbing through the dictionary for words like damn, and hell and sh*t and as* and of course the big and mighty EFF word. I had to put crochet porn in google..well I bet you wouldn't be surprised that 246,000 things came up! Who woulda thunk crochet was so erotic! Seriously, google crochet porn....Well I've had my 12 year old fun for the next, oh let's say day or two.

I really need to get my stuff together....I've been playing at crafting..what's up with this? It's rare that the hands aren't painting, cutting, sewing, crocheting, writing, hmmmm , interesting is blogging concidered creating?, anyway I must be in a slump...I think I need a date. Probably should drag the old man out to a concert or movie and then a tiny little diner with sticky tables and the best damned coffee in North America. Can you smell the coffee and big slabs of pancakes? How about that mint gum the waitress is chomping on or that vanilla musk perfume she wears heavy to cover the smell of cheap cigarettes? You're there with us, yes?
You look to the corner table and a man sits and looks worn, he has a wedding ring and a tired smile of a man who recalls his children giggling as he lifted them above his head and threw them in the pool. One more day and he will be home.
Looking toward the bar a woman in too tight jeans, thin, and sad looking, her nails are painted a soft pink and her hair is stiff from a heavy hand with the Aqua Net... sits and drinks black coffee and wonders why she let one more man tell her she's beautiful, knowing they didn't mean it.
This is what our dates are like, when we can go, silently sitting, observing, breathing the surroundings in. No words, just glances to guide one another around the room. Eccentric? Maybe. Odd? Yes, no doubt. Perfect? Definitely.


Blogger Kimberly said...

You do that too??? A close friend and I love going out together and just sitting in a dinner or bar and people watching. I tend to make up a story in my mind about who they are, where they've been, where they are going etc! Afterwards we compare 'stories' about who we had seen! Often hilarious and very different takes!

Googling Porn Crochet....I'll have to try that one tonight at home...don't think the bosses would like me googling that one here! Yah know, Google will be bringing up your site now under that wonderful topic! LOL

7:55 AM  
Blogger ladylinoleum said...

The hubby and I do that too! He's an actor, I'm an we're always looking for new "material". It's a good way to date I think.

5:07 PM  
Blogger Lynlee said...

That nearly made me cry... Not that it's, like, hard to make me cry these days but that was just the sweetest thing.

As for crochet porn... You are an interesting woman, Cordelia... I am not suprised. lol

8:24 AM  

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