Thursday, August 11, 2005

Telemarketers SUCK

So ya ready for a rant?? Sure go grab some coffee, come back and read.

Remember my FIA day the other day? Well here is a tale of one event that day that sent me over the edge.

One of the events that happened that day was, the phone rings, I answer, a dude starts a sells pitch, I said I'm not interested thank you and I hung up. He calls back and said , why did I hang up, again I said because I'm not interested. He then say, I'm trying to sell you something and I said, Yes I know but I don't want it. He then says you're a bitch! I said yes I very may well be but I can comprehend basic english which it seems you can't. He then told me I was gonna buy his M****** F***ing product and I'm a f***ing loser and I could eat shit and die and yo stupid was my new name....he called back no less than four times, YES I said FOUR!

Gosh, ya know I think since he called me names and belittled me I want to buy something from him! Amazing customer skills stupid poopoohead!

This was the good thing that happened the day of the FIA! We shant venture into the not so good things!

WOW, my shoulders are tense just reliving that.... don't ya hate that feeling?

On the crafty~crochet~sewing front, I am still working on my kufi, but I have made a million drawings! Okay, well not a million but you know what I mean! I also was looking thru Annies catalog, ya know its not to impressive to me. I found maybe three things I might want to try. And one I will never buy cuz it was totally ripped off from someone over at craftster. org. I haven't read anything about it being a rip off but trust me I feel it in my gut, the moment I saw it. But Annies does have these Teacup ragdoll angel thingies...not sure I would ever make them, they are a bit cutesy BUT I can so see them all gothed out or something. So I think I will mail off for them tomorrow...I'll sleep on it. I want to make a friend a shrug, but I'm having trouble find a stitch I like. It should be so complicated to decide, should it?

I recently watched Constantine, it was so-so and Ladder 49. Out of the two I prefer Ladder 49. I bawled like a freak. It was really good. I usualy dont do tear jerker type movies. Oh yea and I watched The Curse... OMG, I was so ready for some blood and gore and just plain old heebee jeebees.....well it didn't give me nothing but a laugh... not once did I inhale loudly and hold my breath. It was good but not what I expected. I wanted HORROR damn it! Where's good old peeking under your bed scaredness when ya need it?

And lastly the poll is over, aint ya glad? Check it out on the side bar! I'll have to dig in my few brain cells to find another poll. I sorta like doing them, why I dunno, but I do! If it feels good , do it right!? RIGHT!!!!


Blogger MrsFife said...

Well, I definitely didn't vote for your winner! Nicely split population you seem to have.

1:05 PM  
Blogger Kimberly said...

First - I feel for those who have choosen to many phones are slammed down on them a day? But good lord that man deserves to be whallopped upside the head a few times and taught some manners...preferably by a guy named Clyde in Prison Orange with an I Love My Momma tattoo!

I miss the good old "you are not gonna be sleeping tonight" films....the last one that even slightly freaked me out was The Blair Witch Project (sad, I know) and that was only because I lived in the middle of the woods/swamp area with a creek in it and I was home alone that night after watching it

2:12 PM  
Blogger CraftyCritter said...

I agree Kimberly about folks being rude to those that must telemarket for a living, however I did say Im not interested, thank you, and then hung up! I was trying to be polite in my turning him down!

Yea what happened to the scary movies? The last one I jumped during was Darkness Fall...Maybe we are desensiitized?

2:54 PM  

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