Saturday, August 13, 2005

Hold me...I'm Scared!

Well I finally saw a totally rockin mentally scary movie! I watched SAW. I gotta tell ya my muscles ached at the end from being so tense! I held my breath, I yelled NO, NO, OMG!, NO..... I did the feet running thingy while laying down....Okay well it wasn't boogie man scary it was totally psychological! OMG, thats the best kind! Okay, the acting wasn't stellar BUT I'm telling ya I really enjoyed it!

On to other entertainment news...Rob Zombie has a cd out called
Past, Present, and Future Okay so his stuff sorta sounds all alike but I likes me some Zombie!

Yet more entertainment news, I saw a book today I need, yes need, it's called
Mira, Mirror can't recall the author. But I NEED IT! I will go back (to the city) Friday and pick it up!

I did absolutely nothing on the craftiness front except buy some fabric! I know I'm a loser but whatevah!

I am so friggin stressing about the doily package I sent to my swap partner....She's not recieved it yet, or hasn't posted about it! Im gritting my teeth I do not want to be seen as a slacker for swaps.... I'm giving it until Tuesday if its not there I am making a new one and sending it priority!

The old man and I had a day to ourselves was pretty nice. The only thing we didn't do, that we wanted to do, was go to Freebirds, for those not familiar, Freebirds is a uber cool burrito place, the burritos come in a few sizes, reg, monster, and SUPER monster. Let me just say a reg fills me pretty damned fast. You tell the server what type of tortilla ya want, spinach, cayenne, wheat or reg, and what size you want the tortilla. Then you pick what type of beans, rice and cheese, veggie, meat and sauces. I get a reg siz, cayenne tortilla with beans (refried), rice, mixed cheese, onions and pepper grilled, tomatoes, lettuce, guacamole, and mild sauce! Yummy! Well I guess we can do that next time we go out!


Blogger DAWN said...

I love me some Zombie, too. Can't brace myself enough to watch SAW, though. My son saw it and said it was 'frickn' awesome'. I have a tendency to hold on to things I've seen.

10:13 AM  
Blogger Jewels said...

Now that sounds like a wicked burrito house!! ooh, gotta listen to Dragula tomorrow. :)

10:47 PM  

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